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MayLee Beauty
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 6 reviews
by Jan on MayLee Beauty
Facial treatments

The facial treatment you gave me has done a great deal for my skin, it is fresh looking rehydrated and glowing, so beneficial, it was a joy to have a neck and shoulder massage which really helped to release the tension that had been building, giving me a feeling of well being, thank you.I hope to visit again soon. Jan

by Carole Camp on MayLee Beauty
Wonderful experience

I have a very bad neck (whiplash from 4 years ago) I had 2 hot stone massages from Helen in the last month, I can now turn my head and look over my shoulder again, also my headaches have gone.
The massage is intense, and Helen works on your back, neck, shoulders, head, legs and hands. I also had my eyebrows dyed, Love it. Thank you Helen ♥️

by Marian Kiernan on MayLee Beauty

lovely person and very good at her job x

by T on MayLee Beauty


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My skin feels and looks amazing after yesterday’s facial. My daughter agrees that my “stripes” (lines!) are finer and the dark shadows under my eyes are definitely less pronounced. I’d like to book another couple of facials before you go away and ideally on a Saturday afternoon if that is possible.

by Christina on MayLee Beauty

I have had several facials, including some ‘big name’ ones with ‘skin mapping’ etc. These usually entail several applications of various creams and which do indeed leave the skin feeling refreshed and clean – but that is all. However, the MayLee facial is a misnomer, I would describe it as facial massage with skin treatment added in – and it IS entirely different. They leave my skin hydrated to the point that even some wrinkles are diminished (temporarily but it lasts a few hours), and after the amazing (and inclusive) head, neck, arm, hand and shoulder massage, my computer-induced neck and shoulder stiffness is so much better. The steam treatment is unique I think to this one, and the acupressure points and facial massage honestly second to none. Rather than passively lying with various unguents on my face, H is continuously working on the skin and underlying muscles, I know she is highly trained in acupressure and has the strongest fingers anywhere, and thus the more facials I have the better my general skin and muscle condition becomes. For a small extra she also offers an ultrasonic muscle stimulation which again is of benefit against the ageing process. I cannot recommend her enough, I am totally addicted to these and swear these ‘facials’ are keeping not only my ageing (and slightly spotty) skin in good condition, but also the massage element is keeping me moving as I have had frozen shoulder and all kinds of neck and arm mobility problems – not any more!

by Julie on MayLee Beauty

I have had hot stone massages weekly with Helen for the last six months or so. I also find her lovely and caring. I first came to her when I was pregnant and her massage was wonderful in relieving all the pregnancy associated aches and pains and getting rid of the knots that had built up. Now that I have had my baby her massages are still helping to relieve tension and fatigue and keep me going! I would recommend Helen 100%.